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Terms and conditions of use

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The information presented on this website is in no way intended as medical advice or as a substitute for medical treatment.
Nothing stated or presented on the Website is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other health care provider if you have any questions about a medical condition, your diet, nutritional supplements, exercise regimen, or any other matter related to your health and well-being.
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For all additional questions and objections related to the terms and conditions, contact us at contact@tvoezdravje.mk
tvoezdravje.mk is a website where you can find advice on health, care and beauty, psychological advice, advice for parents and children, interesting content from everyday life, such as world destinations, educational content on healthy food and unusual recipes and the rest contents are in one place. tvoezdravje.mk is a website that does not download content from other Macedonian sites, but uses and translates content from foreign sites within the terms of Fair Use.
For the preparation of the contents, we mostly use foreign literature, and our goal is to provide visitors with easy access to information through a wide range of selected contents, news and trends from the world and of course from our areas.
We cannot guarantee the effect you will achieve when using the recipes. It depends on a number of factors such as the condition of the food you would use to prepare the recipes, which we are not able to control, and also your culinary skills, experience and skill in preparation.
If you have a problem with a certain type of food, causing allergies and the like, we ask you to first consult a doctor and not follow our advice, because we only give "advice" and not treatment. Therefore tvoezdravje.mk cannot guarantee the consequences of using the tips.
- tvoezdravje.mk consists of own contents, contents of partners and advertisers, free contents, contents created by visitors and links to external pages. All contents of tvoezdravje.mk are published with good intentions, and visitors use the contents of the website at their own risk, and tvoezdravje.mk cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by their use.
– All posted tips, recipes, entertaining and educational content are not necessarily 100% accurate.
– By using this site, you may find offensive or indecent content or content that is inaccurate. By just using this website you bear all the consequences and agree not to hold tvoezdravje.mk responsible under any conditions.
- Access to the website tvoezdravje.mk and all its contents is permitted for all persons of any age, unless otherwise indicated. The "+18" mark on certain content indicates that the use of that content is permitted exclusively for persons over 18 years of age.
Advertising content
   Advertising content is also published on the website tvoezdravje.mk will try to the greatest extent not to allow advertising prohibited by law, advertising that violates human dignity, advertising that can cause mental or other types of damage, unethical advertising, as well as advertising that may mislead website users. The publication of advertising content is the basis of contractual relations between the publisher and its partners.
Publication of our texts
If you are the owner of a site that serves commercial purposes or you are part of a media or some other project and you want to publish a text previously published on tvoezdravje.mk, you should respect the following conditions:
- It is not allowed to publish the full text in a medium, project or site that serves commercial purposes without the prior permission of the editor-in-chief. In cases of reference, publication of 30% of the text is allowed, where the source must be highlighted, if your media is in electronic form, you must provide a link to the material on tvoezdravje.mk.
– The materials and content published on the website, with the exception of advertising and downloadable content, are the intellectual property of the publisher and you may use them only for personal, non-commercial purposes. By using the website you assume your own responsibility for respecting copyright and related rights relating to these contents.
Not allowed:
Copying, downloading, modifying, adapting or any other use of the contents without the prior written approval of the owner of the rights.
Limitation of Liability
tvoezdravje.mk disclaims responsibility for:
- any damage that users will cause or suffer when using the website, which is the result of misuse, destruction or damage to the contents or functionality of the website;
- any damage caused by advertising content published on the website;
- any damage caused by the use of the products or services published in the advertising content;
- the truthfulness and accuracy of the data published in the advertising content, as well as the availability of the advertised products and services;
- any damage caused by the use of websites accessible through links published on the website.
- the truthfulness and accuracy of the data published in the contents downloaded from other websites;
- any damage caused by content downloaded from other websites.
Rules for using comments
Comments on the contents of the website, published by users, do not represent the views, opinions and recommendations of the editors, nor does the editors agree or support them in any way.
tvoezdravje.mk encourages readers to share their opinions related to the published articles. Comments are posted and moderated according to the rules listed below.
tvoezdravje.mk reserves the right to moderate and/or delete comments that:
- contain obscene expressions,
- contain threats or defamation,
- contain hate speech directed at race, color, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, age, religion,
- promote services or products (note: non-commercial links relevant to the content are acceptable.),
Please respect the rules and conditions of use of tvoezdravje.mk
Changing the rules
tvoezdravje.mk reserves the right to occasionally change or modify the rules of use. Users will be informed about important changes and additions through publication on the website.